Claude Monet – Sunrise


After taking 2D Design I’ve come to appreciate this painting much more than I did before. The way Monet uses simultaneous contrast to make the focal point pop is very appealing to me. After taking this class I also notice that Monet follows the rule of thirds, which makes the composition successful.


Kobe Bryant Farewell Game


After an amazing 20 year career with the same team in the NBA, Kobe Bryant went out in style. He scored an unbelievable 60 points to lead his team to victory against the Utah Jazz.  He is the oldest player (37) to ever reach the 60 point mark and also has the most points of any NBA player in their final game.

The Slim Shady LP Reissue

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Eminem’s break out album, The Slim Shady LP, originally released back in 1999. In March of this year, Eminem decided to have the album reissued in its original cassette form; possibly due to the fact that this album is heavily favored by a lot of his die hard fans. The cover art is holographic and the package includes a slim shady t-shirt.

Air Max Day/Air Max Con


Air Max Day is a holiday created by Nike in 2014 as a way to commemorate the day that the Nike Air Max 1 was introduced to the world. That day was March 26th, 1987. For this years third annual Air Max day Nike really went all out. They organized “Air Max Con” in New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong and it is a massive space where you can walk through a series of rooms and learn about the history of the iconic shoe. One of these rooms is the Air Max Vault which displays the top 100 air maxes and the audience gets to vote for their favorite model. The sneaker with the most votes will be re-released next Air Max Day. Below is an image of the Air max Vault.064A0788-Edit-2.0


Hyper Realistic Tattoos

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Realistic tattoos have been a thing in the tattoo industry for a very long time but hyper realistic tattoos take it to a whole new level. When looking at some hyper realistic tattoos its hard to even wrap your head around the fact that its a tattoo and not something created in photoshop.

Cubist Tattoos

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Cubist tattoos are very interesting and enjoyable to look at. A lot of them feature vibrant colors with lots of bold outlines which make for a unique and creative tattoo. I find it especially interesting given my affinity for tattoos and the fact that I am currently working a cubism piece.